The Detective Brenda Corrino mystery-thriller series began its journey in 2004 when Detective Corrino was appointed the first female homicide detective of the Fairfield, Connecticut police department. If you enjoy reading page-turning mystery-thrillers scattered with humor and romance, return to the beginning of this series and find out what makes Brenda Corrino tick.

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The DVD Killer  (where it all began)


The sexually abused body of a young talented actress is discovered at Lake Mohegan, in wealthy Fairfield, Connecticut. Detective Frank Gianni’s sixth sense screams serial killer the minute he lays eyes on her.  This erotically charged thriller calls upon the synergism of Detective Gianni and rookie Detective Brenda Corrino to find the killer before he strikes again. With the help of the new young Medical Examiner Dr. Darren Crowe, Detective Corrino infiltrates the prime suspect’s erotic world in an attempt to confirm her suspicions. Unfortunately, the killer is one step ahead of her.




The reclusive life of former homicide detective Brenda Corrino has suddenly leaped from post-traumatic stress disorder recovery to something much more interesting. Murder! Her ex-partner was investigating the bizarre murder of a college student when he inadvertently let his guard down and now he remains comatose in a hospital. While broadening her investigation, more former students from the same school are ending up dead. While consoling a young widow left behind by the killer, Brenda unearths the deep dark secret that the students have been hiding from her and everyone else outside their circle.


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Connecticut private investigator Brenda Corrino’s sixteen-year-old niece Madison has gone missing in Arizona. Known for bringing the DVD Murderer to justice during her stint as a Fairfield County homicide detective, her sister Faith requests her help.

Brenda recently went through a tough time herself, recovering from being raped and almost murdered by The DVD Killer while working undercover.She was labeled as having PTSD. After months of therapy, she has recovered to the point that she was able to resume her relationship with her boyfriend and now business partner, Dr Darren Crowe.

Brenda arrives in Arizona and quickly befriends the local sheriff, Deputy Sheriff Logan Cartwright, who tells her about a similar case in a nearby town where another girl disappeared five years ago. The girl recently resurfaced unscathed and is unwilling to talk about where she has been for the past five years.

Arizona is one of the states that has a large presence and reputation of human trafficking. Brenda becomes concerned that Madison may have become a victim. She realizes she is getting close to the truth when a Hummer purposely runs her car off an Arizona highway. She and Darren get banged-up, but survive.

Brenda’s unique investigative style has provided her with enough insight into who might be involved in Madison’s vanishing act. She informs Sheriff Cartwright of her gut feelings and together they devise a plan to uncover the truth.

the Party

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Two days before her college graduation ceremony, Brooke disappeared without a trace, after attending a wild party with her friends. She had sent her best friend a text stating she was embarrassed about her sexual prowess at the party and decided to leave the state to accept a job offer in Texas, rather than face them and her parents. That was the last time that anybody heard from her. Two years later, her body was discovered in a shallow grave, not far from the university. Brooke’s parents become impatient with the police investigation and hire Brenda Corrino to discover the truth and give them closure.

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